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December 2012

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molly aka melanie - big smile

simbiani82 in chillsonie

transcript: 2012-0104-Wd (W/S, C/M)

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

~ watch on YouTube: CHELANiE / WiLSON ~

Melanie Chad Will Sonny

[ Sonny tells Will about coming out; Chad & Melanie deal with Abby ]

timemark: 00:50 to 01:36 (46s)
location: TOWN SQUARE / characters: Chad, Melanie, Abby

Chad wanders aimlessly, still thinking about his New Year's kiss with Melanie.
As he sighs, she walks up behind him, smiling.

Mel: "Hi.." she says quietly.

Chad: "Umm, hi Mel! Uh, thank you for coming, I've been wanting to talk to you about- the, um.."

Mel: "How we rang in the New Year?" (smiles) "Yeah, no, I kno- it's- kind of all I can think about!"

Chad: "Yeah, me too! I mean, it just felt so.. right!"

Mel: "But it's not- it's not! It's wr-"

Chad: "Nonono- don't- don't say that it was wrong, because it wasn't! It's as right as it gets.."

Chad holds Mel's face in his hands as she gazes up at him, but then a sharp voice interrupts them.

Abby: "What the hell is this?!"

Abby storms over to them as they pull apart, Chad looking unsure & Mel seeming guilty.

Chad: "Uhh.."

Abby pointedly looks at him with her eyebrows, Mel closes her eyes & Chad gulps.

timemark: 01:36 to 2:59 (1m23s)
location: KiRiAKiS MANSiON / characters: Sonny, Will

Will enters the mansion as Sonny opens & closes the front door.

Sonny: "Hey!"

Will: "Hey.."

They go into the living room, & Sonny closes those doors too.

Sonny: "Thanks for bringing the flash drives back, but you didn't have to jet all the way over here to give 'em to me, I pretty much see you every day on campus!"

Will: (laughing) "I know! I just wanted to get rid of anything that reminded me of the website.. you know, & other stuff, so.."

Will hands the drives to him.

Sonny: "No, I understand. Want something to eat or drink? The cook can make you whatever you want.."

Sonny goes to put the drives away.

Will: "No, I'm fine.."

Will stands there awkwardly as Sonny turns to him with a serious look.

Sonny: "Are you sure about that?"

Will: "Excuse me?"

Sonny: "I mean, Will- you haven't been "fine" since you & Gabi broke up."

Will rolls his eyes.

Sonny: "You kno- before that! And New Year's was no- no better!"

Will: "Hah, okay- officer, yeah- I've been thru some stuff.. & I've had some stuff to deal with, I'm just stressed!"

Sonny steps closer with concern in his eyes, & he reaches out a hand to put on Will's shoulder.

Sonny: "Well, you kno you can trust me, right? You can tell me anything.."

Will seems to grimace inwardly at the contact, avoiding Sonny's eyes.

Sonny: "So what's so hard to deal with? Just talk to me.."

Will clears his throat & shrugs out of Sonny's touch.

Will: "Lemme ask you a question, did you ever.. did you ever wish you can leave? You kno, & get away from everyone you kno? And everything you kno & just start over?"

Sonny: "I used to.."

Sonny smiles, as Will nods, listening.

Sonny: "But I don't want to anymore."

Will: (warily curious) "Why not? What- what changed for you?"

Sonny shakes his head with an almost melancholy expression..

Sonny: "No matter how far you run.. when you wake up in the morning, you're still you. And there's no escaping that."

Will looks away uncomfortably, then back at Sonny again.

timemark: 05:02 to 05:32 (30s)
location: TOWN SQUARE / characters: Chad, Melanie, Abby

Mel: "Abigail, we didn't-"

Abby: "What, see me walk up?"

Mel: "Noo.."

Chad: "Look, it's- it's not what you think!"

Abby: "It's EXACTLY what I think, Chad!"

Mel: "No, it's not!"

Abby: "My ex.. & my best friend.. together?"

Melanie is on the verge of tears.

Abby: "And don't you think for a SECOND that I don't kno when this started because I do!"

Chad looks over to Melanie, who glances back at him, before looking guiltily back at Abby.

Abby: "It was when you kissed her on Halloween.. my god, Melanie! How could you betray me like this?!"

Chad stares at Abby, not knowing what to say.

timemark: 6:58 to 8:52 (2mins)
location: KiRiAKiS MANSiON / characters: Sonny, Will

Will: "Ohh yeah, um.."

Will turns around, walking a bit & presses his fingers to his forehead, before tucking his hand back in his pants' pocket.

Will: "I get it, so if you run away, you're just taking your problems with you."

Will turns back towards Sonny, with a shaky laugh.

Will: "Uhh, have you ever- you ever tried it tho?"

Sonny: "Yeah, big time. That's how I kno it don't work!"

Sonny smiles as Will looks down & back up again.

Sonny: "You kno, what I should've done & what I hope you do, is deal with your problems head-on."

Will's expression is somber as he listens; Sonny is off ruffling thru a backpack.

Will: "So how did you- you kno, how did you deal with- with your stuff?"

Sonny: (smiles) "My stuff? Uh.. admitting to myself & everyone else that I was gay."

Will: (nodding) "Okay.."

Sonny takes his laptop over to the desk near the door where Will is standing & Will moves to keep his distance while still listening.

Sonny: "So when I realized that I was a guy, who was into other guys, I didn't really wanna be around anyone. You kno, my friends, my family- I just felt so uncomfortable with who I was, that it was really hard to be comfortable around other people."

Will: "Yeahh.. I hear- I mean, I understand what you're saying. Umm, your family lived in Dubai then, right?"

Will shifts uneasily from one foot to the other, as Sonny continues setting up the laptop.

Sonny: "They did, yeah, that's- what I used as an excuse to keep my distance."

Will: "Mm-hmm."

Sonny: "And the laws there don't actually favor us."

Will: "..."

Sonny: "The gay men & women, I mean."

Will: "Yeah.."

Sonny: "But you kno, I kept my distance from Salem too.."

Sonny walks back over to the backpack on the coffee table near the couch.

Will: "Sooo.. you could be with guys & not have to answer to your family?"

Will was still facing the door, as Sonny glances back over to him from the backpack.

Sonny: "..I won't lie, that was part of it."

As Sonny stands up, Will turns around yet again, this time facing him, still awkward.

Will: "Who- um, who in your family were you most afraid to come out to?"

Sonny: (with a bright smile) "It'd have to be my Uncle Vic!"

Sonny tosses something on the main table as Will shifts uneasily some more.

Will: "Okay, what if- what if he wasn't okay with it?"

Sonny: "Then.. it would've been his loss.. cuz I can't change who I am."

Will nods quietly as Sonny returns to the desk by the door.

timemark: 12:08 to 13:31 (1m23s)
location: TOWN SQUARE / characters: Chad, Melanie, Abby

Abby walks off angrily, as Chad runs to stand in front of her.

Chad: "Okay, whoa, whoa- Abigail, Abigail! Back- back up, back up! Alright, nobody betrayed anybody! Okay?"

Abby: "Ugh!"

Abby is storming off again, but Chad whirls her around to face him as he tries explain.

Chad: "Nonono, listen to me- listen to me! Look at me, please! You & I both agreed that us, as a couple, we weren't working, so I thought it was a given that we could see other people.."

Abby: "In the FUTURE, Chad! Not two seconds after we break up & certainly not with a kiss that started two months ago!"

Chad doesn't kno how to explain THAT, so he stares at his hands; Mel watches them tearfully from the side of the square.

Abby: "You told me so many times that you didn't kno it was Melanie.. "

Chad: "I didn't.."

Mel: "He didn't! I promise, he didn't!"

Mel immediately steps forward to make sure Abby gets this point.

Abby: "Yeah, well maybe he didn't at first but it went on long enough for him to be able to tell the difference."

Chad sighs, as Mel stares sadly at Abby.

Abby: "Ugh! God, deep down, I knew something wasn't right with us, but you just denied it & I.. I trusted you! And you? You just sat there acting so concerned.. so kind, so sweet while I told you that things were off with Chad! So you tell me how this worked, Melanie- did you just text him updates? Or did you wait for face-time? And I DO mean face-time!"

Mel: "We didn't- we never meant to hurt you.."

Abby: "REALLY?! That's funny, cuz you did!"

Abby storms off for good while Mel cries out for her.

Mel: "Abigail, wait! Please!"

Chad holds Mel back, trying to reassure her that Abby needs to be alone.

Chad: "No, don't- don't.. just let her go, alright? It's better off this way.."

timemark: 18:55 to 20:10 (1m15s)
location: KiRiAKiS MANSiON / characters: Sonny, Will

Will: "Actually, I have question- since our website turned into a near- uh, death experience, for.. many of us, do you have any.. new.. business ventures?"

Sonny: "Actually, I do, sir!"

Will: "Okay.. s-? Don't keep me in suspense!"

Will laughs as Sonny simply smiles then laughs too.

Sonny: "I talked to my folks about taking over the Cheatin' Heart."

Will: "You mean, taking it over or doing it over?"

Sonny: "Both! I'm seeing this- this hip, cool coffeehouse, you kno where people who don't want to go to a national chain for their coffee? They can come here! And we'd have live music, games, wifi!"

Will: "Okay.."

Sonny: "Alright? And it'd be that kind of place where anyone could feel comfortable, you kno- gay, straight, they'll feel they're at home!"

Will listens intently, nodding along his agreement at the idea, then grins.

Will: "Okay, I'm in.."

Sonny: "W- you're in?"

Will: "Yeah!"

Sonny: "Alright, that's excellent! The only thing is that we need, once again, investors.."

Will: "Riight, & after the website disaster, that might be difficult.."

Sonny: "Yeah, especially seeing as how that the start-up costs are a lot higher, & I'd feel uncomfortable asking my Uncle Victor again.."

Will: "Okay, well- we could.. ask Chad, he could ask his family!"

Sonny: "Eh, that'd be sweet cuz they're loaded, but I'm not gonna hold my breath."

Will: "Okay, then I could ask Kate- it doesn't count! Technically, she's not a DiMera!"

Sonny: "Let's just not stress about it.. you kno, it- we'll make it happen!"

Will: "Okay.."

timemark: 20:10 to 20:45 (35s)
location: TOWN SQUARE / characters: Chad, Melanie

Mel runs away from Chad in the direction Abby went, Chad follows her closely.

Mel: "I have to go after her, I don't want her thinking we were doing stuff behind her back!"

Chad: "Wait- wait-"

Mel: "What?!"

Chad: "Melanie, stop!"

Chad gets Mel to turn around & look at him & tries to speak to her calmly.

Chad: "I hear what you're saying, I hear what you're saying, but I kno Abigail! It doesn't matter what we say to her right now, she's not gonna listen to us!"

Mel: "It doesn't matter, she was right! On Halloween, that IS when it started! And she- she doesn't even kno about what happened when we thought we were gonna die! I mean, what if she never forgives me?!"

Chad: "Melanie, just-"

Mel: "Chad, you don't understand! She's my best friend.. if I can do this to her, then I- I haven't changed as much as I thought I did!"

Chad: "What are you talking about?"

Mel: "You don't understand- it's fine, how could you? But.. we cannot be together!"

Chad stares at Mel in confusion..

timemark: 26:53 to 27:52 (1min)
location: TOWN SQUARE / characters: Chad, Melanie

Mel & Chad are walking slowly together back thru the square, Mel sort of in shock.

Chad: "I kno you're upset about hurting Abigail, & believe me, I am too.. but I mean, it doesn't- it doesn't mean that we have to break up, before we get together! Look at me.. Melanie, look at me."

Mel turns around in front of him with a face of doubt.

Chad: "You & I, we belong together. Just admit it.."

Chad smiles at Mel, & ever-so-slowly, a tiny smile shows on her lips too.

Chad: "See! That's- that's better.."

Chad chuckles, but Mel's expression goes serious again.

Mel: "She wasn't wrong, it did start on Halloween.."

Chad: "And that sounds awful.. but it's the truth. And the truth always comes out, & sometimes- sometimes it's messy!"

Mel: "Like today?"

Chad: "Well, look- I'm not happy about the way things went down today either- I didn't think we'd start off like this either!"

Mel: "Me, either.."

Melanie takes a breath.

Mel: "Let's start over."

Chad seems confused again.

timemark: 28:54 to 29:40 (46s)
location: KiRiAKiS MANSiON / characters: Sonny, Will

Sonny is putting stuff in his backpack on the coffeetable, while Will sits on the couch.

Sonny: "You sign up for your classes yet?"

Will stands up & fidgets before answering.

Will: "Uhh.. actually, I'm not sure I'm gonna be back at Salem U, anytime soon.."

Sonny: "What? And miss out on shopping for new clothes? What's wrong with you? That's like one of the best parts, it's people-watching!"

Will: "Yeah, uh, I just- I don't kno what I wanna do anymore, you kno?"

Sonny: "Just have an open major! You kno? Decide what you wanna do later!"

Will: "I'm not talking about school, I'm talking about everything else.. you kno, um, I haven't told anybody else this, but I- I don't think I can live in Salem anymore."

Sonny: "You kno what? Um.. I think I gave you bad advice. I think you should leave Salem- the sooner the better."

And then we have a confused Will going all squinty, lol.

timemark: 33:17 to 34:10 (1min)
location: KiRiAKiS MANSiON / characters: Sonny, Will

Will: "Okay, back up- now you're saying, you think I should leave Salem?"

Sonny: "Maybe.."

Will: "You do realize, tho- that you just said that I would be running away from my problems if I did?"

Sonny: "I kno I said that, but.. sometimes, you have to put a distance between everything you kno, & everyone you love before you can find yourself. I just don't think you've been comfortable in your own skin.. for a while now."

This causes Will to get even more fidgety, shifting again from one foot to the other.

Will: "I'm.. I'm not sure I wanna talk about this with you.."

Sonny: "I kno, I get it. Really. Alright, man- but if you're this down, that you don't even wanna go to school? I just feel like, maybe you should take some time, just for yourself, you kno- see what you wanna do. Most importantly, to find out who you really are."

timemark: 34:10 to 35:04 (1min)
location: TOWN SQUARE / characters: Chad, Melanie

Now back at the other end of the square, with fresh coffee..

Chad: "You really want us to start over?"

Mel: "Umm, hi! I'm Melanie.. Jonas."

Mel holds out her hand & Chad takes it with amusement.

Chad: "Heh.. hi, I'm Chad DiMera, it's nice to meet you!"

Mel: "Likewise, I have a feeling we're gonna be very good friends!"

Chad: "That, & a whole lot more!"

Mel abruptly pulls her hand back with a coy smile.

Mel: "Uhh, ohh.. we'll see! For now, friends!"

Chad laughs, his smile wide.

Chad: "You're serious? Friends, & then..?"

Mel gazes up at him with a sparkle in her eyes.

Mel: "We'll see.." she says softly.

Chad: "Well, umm.. your new friend Chad is.. not happy about this.."

Melanie giggles, as Chad's tone turns serious.

Chad: "But he understands."

Mel: "Deal?" in an even quieter voice.

Chad: "Deal."

They shake hands one last time.