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Dec. 31st, 2012

molly aka melanie - big smile


[sticky post] a CHiLLSONiE timeline..

~ Will Horton ~
~ Sonny Kiriakis ~
~ Chad DiMera ~
~ Melanie Jonas ~

For those fans curious about whom of this foursome was in which eps when,
this should come in very handy! ;D


Currently only 2012 & now updated thru April.. enjoy! ;P

Also, please don't forget to LiKE "CHiLLSONiE" on FB!
Our goal is to get 100+ fans XD

PS. If you want to use any of the screencaps as icons, just credit me! ❤


Oct. 26th, 2012

molly aka melanie - big smile


Molly Burnett as Ariel..

Check out some epic fanart pics,
& if you agree about Molly Burnett
being the most *perfect* choice for
our favorite Little Mermaid, Ariel <3
please follow the links to promote her-
much thanks!! (click thumbnails for full-view)

Mermaid & Lion Cub

   Ocean Love Cosplay        Resident of Storybrooke?

Too Cuute For Words

//apparently, LJ code has no love for "onmouseover", pfft.. lol.

See all pics & more, with in-depth info at: http://surf.to/mermaidlove
& facebook.com/mermaidmaybe <~ please support Molly-as-Ariel on FB <3
plus there's Twitter for Molly-as-Ariel too: twitter.com/MollyArielOUAT

(for individual pics:)
"Mermaid & Lion Cub" on [tumblr] / [facebook] / [twitter] / [flickr]
"Ocean Love Cosplay" on [tumblr] / [facebook] / [twitter] / [flickr]
"Resident of Storybrooke?" [tumblr] / [facebook] / [twitter] / [flickr]
"Too Cuute For Words" on [tumblr] / [facebook] / [twitter] / [flickr]
"Bonus Pic!" (right ~>) on [tumblr] / [facebook] / [twitter] / [flickr]
[will be updated ASAP]

Apr. 10th, 2012

doctor solemn alone blue


test entry..

testing again..

Jan. 4th, 2012

molly aka melanie - big smile


transcript: 2012-0104-Wd (W/S, C/M)

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

~ watch on YouTube: CHELANiE / WiLSON ~

Melanie Chad Will Sonny

[ Sonny tells Will about coming out; Chad & Melanie deal with Abby ]

~ that's what friends are for.. ~Collapse )